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The Scott Radian is one of those rods that both bobber watchers and DFO (dry fly only) guys can both appreciate. The 907 Radian is a versatile rod as it’s a capable companion on the Bonefish flats of Mexico and Belize as … You must log in or register to reply here. already have 905 radian , 905 Asquith. Scott Radian Rod Review The first thing you notice when you get your hands on the Scott Radian is that this rod is ascetically like nothing else on the market. Scott Radian - Women's. The accuracy was as good as the NRX or Asquith. The Radian … The other models, including the … I wish more manufacturers would give us these. Scott Radian - Women's. Great feel and accuracy at short range. As good as the Sky and only the Winston Air was better. We fish out West each year from boats and rafts and the fish are big. The 6 wt. I have a new GPX and a SA Infinity Smooth. Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots – Felt (Built By Danner), Armstrong Spring Creek on the O’Hair Ranch. If you are looking for a smooth performing 6-weight for bigger fish, this is the rod. It’s not a rod I’d generally pick up for delicate dry fly work, but when pressed, it can be pushed into service in that situation. Stillwater Fly Shop is the #1 dealer of Scott fly rods in the Oregon. At Scott, we’ve spent the last 45 years working to perfect the design, craftsmanship, and performance of fly rods. The pickings are looking pretty slim. The 9’ 6-weight Radian casts great and feels great, and even mends great due to its softer tip. I deducted a few points here because the Radian doesn’t have quite the power that some rods do to accurately deliver an 80 foot cast in any condition. Truly this is one rod that fishes well and will hook you a lot of fish, especially if you like to nymph. Put both on and if you are strictly a distance caster, the GPX will bomb the line out there. The reel seat is striking, with an orange tint to the wood burl enclosed in the black skeleton uplocking seat. Buttery smooth and able to form very nice loops without much effort on my part. The Radian is hand crafted in Montrose CO in a facility that puts out some of the most stunning fly rods on the market. poof gone. The craftsmanship is exactly what you’d expect from Scott, stunning. The only beef I have with the Radian is that it is a little too soft in the mid-section for playing fish and driving a hook set. Accept Cash or PayPal I will only respond to emails with a phone number. I hang out in a fly shop that carries the Radian, and I've haven't seen one brought back in. Fast meets feel? $985.50 $1,095.00. Dropper rigs along with hoppers, hopeing this rod is the ticket. Længde: 10' Vægt: 106 gram Lineklasse: 6 Dele: 4 Kastevægt: WF 6 eller 14-15 gram Features: ReAct teknologi - s amler X-Core med nye komplekse materialer og taperingssystem til dramatisk at mindske efterslag i stangen topdel. Scott Radian R 1006/4 Fly Rod $895.00 10'0" 6 Weight 4 Piece Grains 160-185 Long distance work on Stillwater or those times you’re targeting Jurassic sized trout. When my timing was perfect this rod performed flawlessly. But thanks to Scott, those days are over. Then again, some may see this as a negative. The fantastic Scott warrenty is of course included. I love the look and feel of the Radian. This is a nice touch and will help keep the fisherman honest when telling tales back at the local bar. This is where the Scott Radian really performed well. All the Scott rods rated right at the top for craftsmanship and the Radian is a gorgeous rod. Scott Radian-Tähän asti sinun on täytynyt tehdä päätös nopean ja voimakkaan, sekä herkän ja tunnokkaan vavan välillä.Se muuttuu nyt - kiitos Scottin. This rod likes distance and power, but swings with the deftness of most 9’ rods and will still turn over your leader at 20 or 30 feet. Scott fly fishing rods are designed to make saltwater fishing an easy tasks for their wielders. The Radian has been discontinued as of 2020, check out our review of it’s replacement: the Scott Centric! Scott Radian er en prisvindende stangserie der har fået mange anerkendende anmeldelser overalt ,hvor den har været vist frem. Thread colours may vary from those on the original rod. Until now, you've had to choose between a rod with power and line speed, or a rod with touch and feel. They are available in four different models, which handle each and every salmon fishing situation. The Radian 906/4 can handle the wind and flies from size #6 to #22 and is easy to cast all day long without wearing out your arm. Under $480.00 - apply Price filter. This has been one of scott's most popular rod models for the last three years. Scott Radian-vavoissa on hyödynnetty Scottin uutta ReAct teknologiaa, joka minimoi aihion sivuttaissuuntaista värähtelyä ja siten nopeuttaa vavan toimintaa. Small touches like these give the Radian a strong one of a kind impression. 2 years ago. The Radian’s unique grip makes you “choke up” a bit on the rod, making it feel very light in hand. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. One of the reasons these Scott rods perform so well is their softer, more flexible tips, yet good strong butt sections. On Sale On Sale ... (Discontinued) $150.00 - $299.95 On Sale On Sale G Loomis NRX Trout (Discontinued) $745.00 $596.00 Only a few left! Fast and Performance at 75 feet:  19 points out of 20. One of the biggest problems with the S4 was having all the feel without losing that crisp fast action performance. Performance at 75 feet:   19 points out of 20. Thin cork rings are used with top quality cork. One thing that the Radian does that no other six-weight rod in the test is doing is giving us 12” and 20” measurement marks on the rod blank. Scott Radian 1005-4 vs Sage X 5101. I've had a 5wt for a few months. Fast and Feel have finally come together. $480.00 to $570.00 - apply Price filter. Category: Reviews By … The FB version has a slightly lighter swing weight but this version has a bit more power and great stability. Scott Radian Series Fly Rods - Closeout $795.00 Our Price: $549.88 Until now, you’ve had to choose between a rod with power and line speed, or a rod with touch and feel. Performance at 50 feet: 18 points out of 20. Only out long did the Radian lack a little power, but it was still in the top six rods at long range. I have grown to like the look of Scott’s unsanded blanks and have also acquired a taste for the Radian’s unique grip shape. Search for an Account Manager by service type, location, or name. This is an absolute winner of a Colorado trout rod…not to mention it is uber fun to fish. If you need more help, contact us. The Radian 1005-4 is true to the series: very fast with a sweet tip and tremendous stability in the mid and butt sections.

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